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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my first BRAG BLOG

Like instead of a brag book, I am assuming there is a brag blog. This is my first and I want to introduce you to my new baby girl.

Meet Polly Belle Roberts. She joined all of us here in this world on August 24,2010. Isn't she beautiful? It was definitely a blessed day.

August 24 started very early for some of us, but Polly was nice and relaxed through the early hours. I was induced because of trouble with my blood pressure which means we had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am. By "we", I am referring to myself and Polly along with my cheering section including my mom, aka Nana, my sister, aka Aunt Amy, my Dad, aka Coach, and my Uncle Johnny who will also be known as Pop Pop. Sadly, my aunt Patti -Nana P - wasn't able to join us til later, but she was there for the important part.

Lucky for you, Amy decided to document the day in pics. Lets start at the beginning.

Here we are. I am all hooked up and getting ready to go. Things are moving slowly because there was a full moon the night before which creates a full labor and delivery ward, according to my nurse.

Several hours later and a couple bags of pitocin....

I can honestly say that labor hurts and the epidural is totally worth it, but getting the epidural is another story.

So, after checking several hours later, Dr. S determines that Polly is not coming out by way of normal delivery and my blood pressure and her heart rate are not cooperating. She decides on a c-section and 20 minutes later I am strapped to a table in an operating room. It was surreal how quickly it all went!

Mom/Nana went in with me and took pics, but i'll just leave you with the pretty ones....

And here she is, about 15 minutes after rolling me in there, little Polly was here. Our first glimpse above, first as the sweet nurse held her up for mom to take pictures, and then as mom held her so I could look at her (my arms were strapped down, so i couldn't hold her).

She was 6lbs 1 oz and 17 1/2 in long with a head full of beauiful dark hair!!

And then she made it safely back into her mother's arms, and all was right in her world again. And mine....

Don't worry. There will be many more brag blog entries coming soon....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A LIFE update.....

Meaning, my life and the new one on the way. Meet Polly Belle Roberts, the newest member of the family. She'll debut in about 6 weeks.
This is the latest ultrasound picture at 33 weeks (thanks to Auntie Amy for the labels so you can tell what you are looking at).
It's been a long time since I blogged, but for good reason. I have been so busy growing this new life! It has required quite a bit of rest anytime I am not working. And work these days is until 8pm every night, so you can imagine the exhaustion.
I am looking forward to her September arrival and cannot wait to meet her and squeeze her chubbly little cheeks! I hope I am ready for this. I have tons of family and friends surrounding me, but it won't be easy being a single parent. I have great examples to look towards though! And I am sure these people will offer up plenty of advice.
Hopefully I will be able to update again once she is here and add additional pictures that are actually somewhat clear! If not, most of you know where to find me....
So, I'll leave you now in anticipation of her arrival....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just because someone is in counseling or therapy does not make them a counselor or therapist. Why do they feel the need to try their hand at it on their friends and family?